Add Shine and Polish to Your Concrete

Refine your concrete with the concrete polishing services of DC Coatings

Do you feel that your concrete is too dull or coarse? Does it detract from the elegant design of your interior or exterior?

You can improve it with the polishing services of DC Coatings. We polish concrete on residential, commercial or industrial properties throughout Green Bay, WI and surrounding areas.

polished concrete green bay wisconsin

How do we polish concrete?

Before we start the process, we'll meet with you, view your property and listen to your concerns. Contact us today to arrange for a meeting.

Then, we will:

  • Clean the concrete
  • Strip away concrete coatings
  • Seal joints and any existing cracks
  • Grind the surface with a rough tool
  • Finish the surface with smoother tools

Finally, we'll add a coating if necessary. A coating can help you maintain the concrete more easily and protect it from stains. To learn more about the process, reach out to us today. Don't forget to ask about our discounts for military members and senior citizens.