Do You Need Concrete Repair?

Count on us to repair cracked, crumbling or broken concrete

Are you tired of your cracked walkway? Is your broken driveway driving you crazy? Contact DC Coatings for concrete repair services. You can get in touch with us by calling 920-562-3378. Hire us to fix any damaged concrete at your house, commercial building or industrial facility.

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Which problems can we solve?

After more than 16 years of restoring concrete to good condition, we have the skills needed to remedy any concrete problem.

You can count on us to fix concrete that is:

  • Pitted
  • Deteriorated
  • Cracked
  • Weathered

In our climate, the summer heat and extreme winter chill can make your floor sweat. We have the solution to this problem.

If your concrete isn't broken but just doesn't look its best, you can count on us to restore its appearance. We can also add decorations, like polish, epoxy coating or decorative overlays.