Get the Look of Natural Stone or Wood for a Fraction of the Cost

Get the Look of Natural Stone or Wood for a Fraction of the Cost

Reach out to us for epoxy countertop and table coatings

Wish you could have the timeless, natural look of stone or wood in your home, but don't want to spend a fortune on materials? DC Coatings is a local leader in epoxy countertops and tables. We'll give your surfaces a stunning and durable finish that mimics the look of stone or wood and stands up to heavy use. It also resists spills and stains.

Whether you'd like your countertops to have natural finish, earth tones or a vibrant and exotic appearance, our epoxy kits are fully customizable to match your style. Call today to learn more about our process for epoxy countertops and tables.

The big benefits of epoxy coatings

Epoxy coatings don't just look great. They also offer a wide variety of benefits beyond what natural stone or wood can achieve. Our epoxy coatings will:

  • Maintain a glossy appearance even with heavy use
  • Resist heat, scratches and moisture
  • Never lose their color from UV exposure

Epoxy countertops and tables cost far less than the natural products they resemble, so you can save big on remodels and improvements. Contact us now to get a price estimate.